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A few days ago I went to visit a friend that Catatonia has a hairdressing salon a little suit generics, a place where you're not only fold, cut and color, but where as you pack a restructuring or declare war to split ends, you can find in the midst of a happy hour or a personal art, where the furniture is to recover and you'll be whisked in the 70s between chairs and vintage books retro design, where the center of the hall there is a wasp and a console by dj.

Marco told me of his project entirely Made in Sicily, Ind Green Natural Hair Care, a line of products for hair care organic, free of synthetic chemicals, enriched with extracts of medicinal herbs such as witch hazel, rosemary, Fico d ' Aloe and India, which offer enormous benefits to hair and skin and are extracted from native plants organic and bio-dynamic. The spokesperson for Green Ind Natural Hair Care is the world champion sword Paolo Pizzo who married the philosophy and ethos of the brand.

To underline the vocation of talent enhancement Sicilian further initiative has been asked a number of Sicilian artists to customize with your own style graphics pack of shampoo Ind Baby : Each artist will create 1000 items giving rise to a real limited edition. What you see on the bottle in the center of group age is signed by the Twins Short Distances   (who we interviewed a few years ago on Spray Magazine ).