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Prom Hair for 2012

The time is here for girls all over America to start looking for those trendy prom hairstyles for 2012. It sometimes takes months to plan the perfect look for your big night to make sure that your locks match the overall image you are going for. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles for this year's prom that will make you look fabulous!
  • Vintage: The vintage looks are always a safe bet that you will look glamorous and classy at the same time. Think 1920's flapper girls with their short bobs and fabulous pinned waves. You can also shoot for the old Hollywood look with giant, glossy curls. These looks are usually hard to achieve so you may want to ask a stylist or a friend to help you.
  • Braids: Braids are not for little girls anymore and are among some trends you'll see in 2012. Braids can add a touch of fun to your look while still keeping it classy. There are many different braids that you can go with. You can do a messy, side-swept braid that is intertwined with some feathers or beads. You can also do small, dainty braids around your face while keeping the rest of your hair full and natural. A braid that you can try that really pumps up the wow factor is a braid that encircles your entire head and you will definitely want to see a stylist for this one.
  • Knots: Knots may sound like the exact opposite look that you want, but knots are one of the prom hair styles you will see a lot of this year. Knots can be a ballerina bun that is knotted at the back of your head or high up to give it more of an up-do look. You can either do these knots polished with every hair in place or go for a messy look. A variation of this look can be knotting your locks down at the base of your neck and off to the side or you can even do double knots on either side of your head. You can glam this look up with using accessories and flashy clips and bows to add an interesting twist.
Experiment with some or all of these trendy prom hairstyles for 2012 a few weeks before the dance. Do not wait until the day of or you will surely stress yourself out deciding on which one you want to do. Make sure that the look of your hair matches your make up and dress to give you an overall glamorous look.