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Teenage Prom Hairstyle - Hairstyle for the Prom

Teenage Hairstyle for the Prom
Teenage Hairstyle for Prom
Being a teenager is both fun and challenging. This goes with the clothes the person wears to the friends that the individual hangs out with. One of the most spectacular events is the prom which will probably be the last thing people will remember until the next homecoming.

The person can try a new look or just stuck with the convention. Those who have no idea can look at some celebrities in magazines, the television or the internet. These people know the in’s and outs which is really helpful during the wonder years.

The important thing in selecting the right hairstyle will depend on the physical attributes of the person. This will depend on the cheekbones, nose, chin and eyes that will really tell a lot when the pictures come out.

Let’s start with those who have a round face. These people look chubby from a distance and the right look with the hair combed on one side will make the individual look thin in the pictorial.

Those who have a thin face can try having the hair done with curls. This will lengthen the face which will look marvelous in the pictures taken with the date.

There is nothing a teen can do for having a long nose. Given the person doesn’t have money to change this for the time being, a hairstyle that has upswept crown will make this less noticeable to classmates and friends.

Teens that have sharp and angular features can have a wavy or curly hairstyle. This will hide the rough edges seen often in the cheekbone or jaw when the person is normally seen around campus.

People who have a high forehead can use the bangs to conceal this area. Those who have a low forehead can use the hair in the shape of vertical lines to elongate that part of the face.

Teens that have a strong visible chin can use soft curls on the hair to focus on this area. Ladies with long hair and a narrow chin on the other hand should have the hair straightened to take away the attention from that area of the face.

The physical features of the face cannot be changed for the prom. Playing with the hair can just make it look different like Cinderella until the stroke of midnight. When classes start again on Monday, things will go back to the way it was but the best souvenirs are the pictures which the individual can cherish on the special evening.