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Top 5 Hair Styles Ideas for Men

This fall season, men have finally graduated from polished hairstyles. Though they still have that tinge of carefree and easy look, the Fall has a added a few twists so men wont have to bother scheduling barber visits. Much of the look you’ll find would be piecey, rogue, wavy, curly and brushed forward. As you can see, these still possess the classics men never seem to grow tired of. 

One of the top hairstyles for men this fall is a fairly conservative cut with some rogue strands on the side. The secret to this look is to apply a small dab of pomade or hair wax on the front part of your hair. Then use your fingers to shape or get them to one side. 

Men find this hairstyle exciting. In fact, when the hair grows longer, it will project a wilder appeal. This is good for men who are in the creative field. Again, all you need to do is to use wax or gel-mousse to lift hair upward and then separate the strands in various directions. For the final touch, use hairspray so it holds. 

Another popular Hair Styles for Men that is coming back this Fall season is the front wave. This hair style features that natural windswept look. Men who sport this hair style look like theyve just finished a drag race. 

For this look, your hair should be of medium length. Add some mousse while your hair is wet. Then blow dry it on medium setting. Afterwards, use your fingers for coaxing the front part of your hair upward then slightly bend over one side. The last step is to comb the hair on both sides of your head in a backward fashion. 

Others use this hairstyle but with more hair product. This is a good way to achieve that wet look. 

Even black men are into the latest hairstyle trends. This fall, the trend is to go for a square hairstyle. Similar to other hairstyles, it is also a comeback from the 1950s. What this haircut does is it makes your face look more masculine. 

The next top Hair Styles for Men this Fall season is to go for that long and natural look. To look well groomed even in this style, you should have it in layers. The longest piece should be right below the ears. When your hair grows longer, part it in the middle and then comb with some pomade to keep it all smooth. 

The fifth and final Hair Styles for Men this Fall to consider is a curly & brushed forward look. Men with this hair style just wear it short and brush their hair forward. All you need is a little gel to control its frizzy-ness. 

Nothing much really changed when it comes to mens hairstyles. Regardless of the style or the season when you want to wear it, the best hairstyles are still those that sport a natural and clean look in men.