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Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair 2012 Romantic and loose Curl with Small Side Bangs

Romantic loose curly
Has long lustrous hair is every woman's dream. You've got, now want to show it off with a stunning updo for prom this year. Check your own personal style. Are you a soft and romantic or sleek and edgy? Vintage or modern style? here with the appearance of a style guide for all different types! Mix and match your favorite element to get a more personal style that fit just for you.

This sophisticated and dreamy, this rich red long hair updo. It looks perfect and easy, but not boring in any way! Big loose curls that are not perfectly coupled to one side just a bit. Side swept bangs keep the front like a glazed look as if the rear.

                                        How To Style:
Long hair Prom 2012
Great Prom Romantic Soft
Prep hair with volumizing and styling products, then blow dry using a large round brush.Use hot rollers to curl your hair, but not curled over the middle of your head. Secure all rolls of the center (occipital bone) to the bottom. Let them cool completely.Use a flat iron to smooth the bangs in front.Remove the heat roller and pull through the curls using your fingers.Put backcombing the entire backside of the above, the crown of your head and all. (Use root powder increase above before you backcomb for high even more.) If you have a large base, smooth off the top of backcombing behind. Bobby pin the smoothed downward and slightly to one side.After pinning hair smoothed down, start spreading the curls out and pinning them loose into the shape you want the "bread" to be. Leave the ends out, but if they are too long, do not hesitate to pin a half strand and tucked them under just a little to shorten them.Spray the finished style with strong hold hairspray that will not peel or your boring style.

Recommended Hair Products: Warren Tricomi Hot Set Spray is the perfect product for the retention of style combined with thermal protection, while strengthening the hair. It also helps to repel moisture.

Soft Curl Casual Ideas
The best face shape and hair type: Oval, heart, square or round smooth, length and density depending on the length of your bangs. Not very good for thick with texture density smoothable.

Black Soft Prom Ideas
Tip: Partnering dramatic style your hair with the same dramatic makeup. Focus on the lips and eyes, and do not forget the fake eyelashes! They do not have to be big and crazy to make a big difference. Get a partner who will naturally emphasize what you have, then take a lip stain in a dramatic red, rose or berry colors so you get the color without having to constantly reapply.

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