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Biography of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kadashian is alternately described as a socialite, reality TV celebrity, debutante, and entrepreneur or sometimes called a celebutante (a debutante who is a celebrity). Whatever she is called, Kim is well known and undeniably beautiful. Although she has many television credits and movie appearances to her name she may be best known for her naughty tape with her boyfriend Ray J.
Kim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles on October 21, 1980 to defense attorney Robert Kardashian who is perhaps best known for his defense of OJ Simpson. Robert Kardashian was of Armenian descent and Kim Kardashian describes her childhood as filled with Armenian holidays, foods and stories. Kim's mother is Kris Jenner nee Houghton. She has two sisters and one brother, Kourtney, Kloe, and Robert as well as a host of stepbrothers and sisters, Burton, Brandon, Brody and Casey Jenner and two half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.
                While her parents were affluent they also believed in the work ethic and Kim Kardashian was on her own financially at the age of 18. This very possibly contributed to her entrepreneurial career since her family was determined their children would grow up to become independent and self-sustaining individuals.
Kim Kardashian is known in part for her boutique, and the series of designer fragrances and clothes launched bearing the Kardashian name and endorsement. Kim has appeared on Beyond the Break. She then starred the film spoof Disaster Movie. Kardashian appeared in a How I Met Your Mother episode and Kim and Kloe appeared on the tenth season premiere of 90210. However perhaps the most well known television credit for Kim is the reality TV show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" by E!.
While the life of the Kardashians portrayed on their reality show is hardly typical and keeping up with them might be beyond the means of the average viewer they have proved to be very popular. Most viewers can identify with the blended family as presented on this reality show and the beautiful Kardashian sisters attract more than a little attention and some envy.
E! published Kim Kardashian's earnings and stated that the figure was near 5 million per year. Although being born into an affluent family can guarantee an income for some, Kim Kardashian has earned hers. While Kim has changed focuses several times she appears to be successful in her endeavors and even when as a production closes she is already moving onward to the next thing in her busy life.
In 2007 Kim Kardashian was December cover girl for Playboy magazine. Kim was the Spokeswoman for Bongo jeans although she was more voluptuous than the usual model for these designer jeans. Kim added to her credits by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" but barely made it three weeks into the show before being eliminated.
Whatever Kim Kardashian decides to try next she is bound to gather media attention. Her real girl figure (translation is curvy) her determined attitude and of course the Kardashian skin have made this debutante and child of a famous lawyer, famous in her own right.
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